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Postdoc @ Caltech working on physics and machine learning


Hi. I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics at Caltech. Before coming to Caltech I obtained my PhD at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, and did my undergraduate studies in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Click here for a link to my papers on arXiv.org

I am interested in many things, and you can find a sample of them further below. If you'd like to contact me about them or anything else, look for my contact details at the very bottom of this page.

Here's a link to a recent blog-post on the Quantum Frontiers blog by the IQIM at Caltech. It describes how I machine learned the condensed matter arXiv for creating an 'oracle' that you can ask questions like: 'particle + charge = ?'

Here's an article (in Dutch) about some of my recent work on using Machine Learning methods in Condensed Matter Physics. It was published in the Dutch version (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde) of the Dutch Journal of Physics.


  • Computer

    I mainly use C/C++ and Python/Julia currently, but am familiar with a bunch of others. I know my way around all the major operating systems, and I enjoy playing around with computer security (info-sec,cryptography,various exploits).

  • Physics

    I know how to implement and use MPS methods for driven & dissipative systems, and am currently researching how machine learning may be useful for condensed matter physics.

  • People

    I speak Dutch, German/Swiss-German and English, and know my way around the basics of various others. I've held board/management positions in various associations over the past years (more info in CV).

For more details, here is a CV.


In my spare time I enjoy: learning languages, playing games (xbox/steam), doing origami, learning about info-sec (and doing challenges on those at various websites), implementing fun machine learning and AI programs, exploring the surroundings, food, and many other things.


Contact me directly via my gmail at
or by connecting with me via social media.